If i want to come and hire a costume or buy some costume accesories where are you guys?
- We are located at 10 Hart Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia
- It's a 450 metre walk from Central Station east along Devonshire st. Cross over Elizabeth st until you hit Holt Street. Turn left into Holt Street, then right into Gladstone St, your next left will be Hart St. Yeah, we sound like one of those annoying people. We recommend this thing called google maps.
I want to buy something from your online store, is it ready for pick up straight away?
- No. We store most all our online products offsite but we do have a selection in-store. Best call and check what's in and what's not.
How long will my online order take to be delivered?
- Shipping time frames are express post standard and Australia only. This means 1-2 days for most metropolitan areas and 2-3 days for those outside of the big smoke.
What are your store opening hours and are you open Public Holidays?
- We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
- For our opening hours please refer to this page.
How can i make payments instore?
- We accept Cash, EFTPOS & Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard).
How can i make payments for the online store?
- We accept Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard), PayPal and Afterpay.
- Even if you don't have a PayPal account you can still make a credit card payment via their platform on our online store.
How many costumes do you have?
- We don't want to boast but we since you asked: we have thousands of hire costumes and accessories which we've collected over 10 years. We also have a wide selection to buy.
- Our online store is a whole other kettle of fish. Have a look for yourself here.
Why do you think Costume Hire is better?
- Costume Hire pieces are generally unique and many of ours are vintage. But also you return the costume, it gets cleaned and used again. And again. It's green. Like the frog.
- Also when was the last time you hung out with friends and tried on ridiculous costumes? It's really fun. Really. Come in and we'll show you.
Can you design & create costumes for me?
- Yes we can. Please head over the the Costume Design section and see some of our examples, then send an enquiry to our staff who can provide you with a free quote. 
- These items are tailored specifically for you.
Do you have a makeup services?
- Yes we do, check out some of our examples here and then send an enquiry for a quote or just pipck up the phone and call us already!
- We have talented and professional make up artists working for us. Anything from simple character makeup to complex special effects concepts possible.
How to be eligible for costume hire:
Australian Residents:
- Valid NSW or interstate drivers license; or
- Current utility bill & valid identification (passport, proof of age card)
- Valid mobile number & email address
- Credit/Debit Card or Cash Bond
International Visitors:
- Hotel booking confirmation (that extends longer than the hire period)
- Passport Number
- Valid mobile number & email address
- Credit/Debit Card or Cash Bond
Costume Hire bond options:
Credit Card & Debit Card bond: 
- We collect a credit card swipe with an authorizing signature at the time of hire.
- No charges are applied at this time and there is no specific value applied to the bond.
- Charges will only be applied to the credit and or debit bonds if the the costume items are returned late, damaged or excessively dirty. Any items that are lost, misplaced and or stolen will incur a full replacement fee, this means items are replaced as new.
- Charges can be processed, effective immediately once the return date has expired.
- Customers will be contacted prior to any charges being made by phone and or email.
Cash Bond:
- Cash bonds range from $20 - $2,000 and will represent the approximate value of the costume hire pieces.
- Cash bonds will be kept if any costume items are returned late, damaged or excessively dirty, until we get quotes for the repairs and or cleaning costs. The same applies if items are lost, misplaced or stolen, Snog The Frog will retain the portion of the bond that covers the full replacement cost of the items.
What is the average hire cost of a costume and or accessories?
- Hire fee's include GST, general repair & maintence, washing and dry cleaing, personal costume consultation and styling a whole lot of love and the occasional Freddo Frog.
- The average costume hire is $77-88 for a full costume.
- Some costume items are more expensive as they are unique pieces and are more expensive to maintain. The most you will pay for a single costume hire item will be $150.
- We also hire single pieces in these circumstances you are looking at approximately $30-$50
Do we offer discounts for Students, Groups, Organisations, Corporate Clients and Bulk Orders?
- Students under the age of 18 are elligible for a 10% discount on presentation on a current and valid student card.
- We do do group discounts, you need a minimum of 5 people in your group present in the store to qualify for this discount.
- Organisations & Corporate Clients can apply for a ongoing company discount for staff members, please apply via the contact us page.
- If people wish to make Bulk Retail orders or Costume Hires, we can do very competitive rates based on the volume required again please email or call the store to discuss.

What is the length of hire & can i hire for longer or shorter periods?
- All costume hires are for 48 hours, with the exception of Thursdays where you get an extra day at no charge. Here is a break down:
Hire Monday - Return Wednesday
Hire Wednesday - Return Friday
Hire Thursday/Friday/Saturday - Return Monday

- Costumes can be hired for extra days at a day rate of $15 per day per costume.
- Remember if costumes are returned late, we will charge a late fee of $15 per day per costume.
- We can also do short term hires for photo shoots and or corporate events, please enquire with staff.
Do you wash and clean the costumes?
- All costumes are sanitised and throughly cleaned after each and every hire. 
What is the best day to hire costumes for my weekend party?
- Every day is a good day. Except Sunday because we're like, closed.
- We will normally will have all costumes from the weekend washed, dry cleaned and ready for hire by Wednesday/Thursday each week.
- During busy periods such as Halloween and the Christmas season we are washing and cleaning costumes daily, its best to plan ahead early to make sure you get the best chance of getting the outfit you want.
Can i get my costume hire items delivered if i can not collect in store?
- Yes you can, but you will need to arrange a courier with insurance and advise us of pick up time. This will be at your own expense.
When i return my costume can i leave it at the front door if you are not open?
- NEVER. The shop is located in the back streets of Surry Hills and it will be grabbed by a passerby in no time - it has happened to other customers and it will happen to you and we will charge you the full cost the hire as a penalty for not reading the Costume Return dates and times. Costumes can only be returned within Opening Hours.
I want to keep my costume, can i buy it off you?
- Unlikely as our collection is personally valuable to us and a part of our livelihood. But then again if you've fallen in live with something...call us and talk. Generally any items that are not returned will be charged a full replacement fee and if you've ever tried to make a fully detailed costume from scratch you'll understand how time consuming, and thus expensive this can be.
What happens if i breach the invoice hire contract?
- The customer consents to all Snog The Frog terms and conditions by signing the hire contract invoice. If issues occur during the course of the costume hire Snog The Frog staff will use their fair and reasonable discretion to assess the required action and or penalties for any items that are damaged, lost, stolen or excessively dirty during the course of the hire. These actions will include paying penalties/fines for late costume returns and costume hire items that are damaged lost, stolen or excessively dirty during the course of the hire.
- The hire period extends until Snog The Frog has all items as per the hire contract returned in its original condition from the hire date stated on the contract, if items are not returned within the required time frame, then the contract has been breached and the suggested penalties and or fines will charged accordingly.

How do Costume Hire bonds work??
Credit Card bond:
- Snog the Frog will take a credit card imprint from the hire with an authorizing signature.
- The signatory of the credit card imprint will be responsible for any pending charges that are owed on any late, lost, damaged or excessively dirty costume items
- When the costume is returned to Snog the Frog we will evaluate any damage and or loss to the costume items. If there is no damage to the costume items, we will then destroy the credit card bond slip and authorizing signature.
- If damage or loss occurs to the costume pieces we will evaluate replacement/repair value using our professional costume seamstresses/designers, and prepare quotes for the customer.
- Snog the Frog will advise the hirer by either phone, email or in person the amount that will be charged to the authorizing cardholder. Once we have notified the authorised signatory, we will charge the authorized credit card effective immediately for the quoted amounts (this includes al associated fees and replacement costs).

Cash bond:
- Is determined based on the value of the specific costume items, this can range from $20-2,000.
- As part of the normal assessment process, we will evaluate damage and or loss. If there is no damage then we will return the cash bond in full.
- If there IS damage and or loss we will hold the cash bond & evaluate the damage value.
- If damage is less then the cash bond amount, Snog will refund the difference. If the damage is perceived to be higher than the bond amount. Snog will retain the entire cash bond.
- Once we have notified the authorised hirer, we will deduct the cash bond effective immediately for the quoted amounts (this includes al associated fees and replacement costs).
- Bonds will not be returned if late fees are outstanding.
What is the Hiring/Reserving/Booking costumes process?
- Snog the Frog will only hire or reserve a costume when a payment & a bond has been made & secured for the specified costume. Payment can be made by Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card.
- Costumes can only be booked or reserved once payments have been made.
- Reservations over the phone require a 60% non-refundable deposit.
- Once payments have been made, there are NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO CREDIT NOTES on the paid amount. Customers take full responsibility of their hire decision, the costume and its off-premises condition.
- Customers have the right to note any existing damage/stains to the costumes during the hire process. It is the responsibility of the customers to make the correct hire decision.
- Snog the Frog staff act in good faith to all customers with regards to existing damage/stain(s); therefore the onus is on the customer to notify staff prior to booking & paying for a costume.
- Refunds are only accepted when staff have made a legitimate error or mistake.
- Customers on some occassions will be asked by Snog The Frog to have their photos taken in costumes for use on the Snog The Frog website or costume catalogue, if you wish for your image to not be used on the website or in our look books, please advise the staff you do not want your photo taken or image used. If you accept the photo being taken by the staff, then you accept being published online or in the look book catalogues as per their request.

How does Snog The Frog evaluates damage or loss?
Lost costume:
- Costume(s) can be vintage, hand made or purchased by Snog the Frog. If these items are lost by the customer that means we have lost a valuable asset and replacement costs can be significant.  Snog the Frog has a zero tolerance policy, once a costume piece has been confirmed lost and or stolen, charges will apply immediately to the authorized signatory.
- By signing the conditions of hire invoice form and authorizing the credit card bond the customer agrees to all charges being applied for any or all lost or stolen items.
- Once the customer has signed the hire invoice form, and has taken the costume from the Snog the Frog premises, the customer is 100% responsible for the hired items and must cover the full cost of replacing the item. Where possible Snog will keep these replacement costs as low as possible, however some items are irreplaceble and can be difficult to source and or recreate.
- Costumes & Costume accesory replacements are not cheap. Sourcing materials, re-creating designs and or patterns plus the labour time to create such pieces all adds up and the customer is liable for all of these costs when they lose or misplace an items. The average full costume to get remade can range depending on the item from $200 up to well above $3,000.
- Be prepaired to cover these costs in full if you do lose our items, this is agreed and confirmed as part of signing the invoice contract.

- Costumes not returned in the same condition upon hiring, will see the authorised signatory liable for any costs incurred to repair or replace the damage (such as rips and stains) which may affect future hires of that costume piece.
- Snog the Frog will produce a quote for any replacement or repair costs, before charging.
- Damage (rips & stains) that affects the hire of the costume may result in the customer being charged a full replacement fee.
- At the time of hire customers have an opportunity to address existing damage or stains, if not presented these to staff, then liability may fall with the hirer.

Replacement Quotes:
- Replacement or repair quotes for costumes will be produced by Snog the Frog. We reserve the right to use our own suppliers and charge what fair & reasonable to acquire the exact items that need replacement or have been damaged.

Late fees:
- Late fees are to be charged each day a costume is not returned, as agreed by the invoice hire contract. These fees are charged daily and agreed on the invoice hire contract.
- After three late days as specified on the invoice hire contract, Snog the Frog has the right to start charging the accrued amount to the authorised credit or cash bond.
- Snog the Frog will notify the customer of any pending charges.
- Snog the Frog will also limit the customers financial liability, after 12 business days without any returned costumes, Snog the Frog will cease chasing and charge the customer for the full replacement of the costumes and the late fee period. Failure to comply may result in criminal and or credit records being applied to the authorized signatory.

What happens if the customer incur fee's and or charges for damaged or lost costumes?
- Normally we will give the customer a fair and reasonable time to make payments, costumes are not cheap, therefore replacement costs and lengthy delays in costume returns can start to add up. If the customer does not comply with the invoice contract T&C's with regards to any potential fee's related to lost or damaged costumes, then we will hand all details over to the NSW Police and a debt collection agency, because the customer is then deemed to breach the signed invoice contract.
Police Reports & Debt Collection:
- Non compliance from customers in relation to late fees and or costume items not being returned, will require Snog the Frog to recoup associated costs via two avenues.
- When we cannot contact the customer; or cannot recoup the associated fee’s and replacement costume costs, the matter will be passed to the NSW POLICE. Items will be considered stolen, which may result in criminal charges.
- Customer details will also be passed onto an approved debt collection agency. When a customer defaults on fee payments or replacements costs of costumes, the customer assumes liability for all associated costs and fees; these are: late fees, costume replacements costs and all associated costs that are incurred during the recovery process of all outstanding debts and or costume items. The failure to comply may lead to a bad credit rating.
- To avoid such actions the customers has the right to resolve matters directly with Snog the Frog

Snog The Frog's Online Store:
- For all terms and conditions regarding our online store please refer to http://shop.snogthefrog.com.au head to the About Us section where our full range of policies and T&C's are listed
Contact our Manager at Snog The Frog if further clarification of the FAQ's are required.

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